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I've noticed that there are some achievements to gain in Steam, that are not fair in my opinion:

1.) "Sorry" - first crash report
2.) "Bug Invasion" - 10th bug report

From what I understand to get these achievements the program have to be broken or not working like it should do.
The problem is, I never had any problems with Substance Painter, the program does what I want it to do, and it should.

Anybody here knows how to crash the program?
Maybe a weird question, lol.

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I had 16GB in my win7/64 machine and was loading up pretty big SP files and it crashed like an electrified crashing machine on national crashing day. I had to save like every 32 seconds. I upped it to 32 and it hasn't crashed since.

My machine was stable at 16 otherwise, running MAX and all sorts of apps and games. It looked to me like SP has some serious issues when it hits memory limits, but lots of other people I assume are running at 16GB or less without issues, so who knows.

There a currently know crash that you can try (damn that's weird to suggest that) :
Open a project and let it compute until the progress bar reach 80/90%. Then ask to close the project (CTRL+F4 or Choose "Close" in the file menu). Unfortunately when you do this manipulation in this context, you often get a crash. You might have to try multiple times to get the crash, but I was able to reproduce this one easily.
Don't forget your log file. It can be exported from the Help menu of the software.
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This is epic :D, apparently the software is so polished, you have to cheat to crash it :)