Author Topic: .sbsar and Unity3D versions  (Read 5247 times)

Greetings everybody,

Is the .sbsar extension getting modified(improve speed etc) every time there is a new version of SD?

If yes i think it would be very informative to know what version of Unity3D works well with each version of Substance Designer. Unless of course you have a good backward compatibility!


Unity3.5 - SD 3.00
Unity4.0 - SD 3.10
Unity4.1 - SD 3.2.3 etc

Better start to keep track now before it gets too complicated.


There is indeed a speed boost with each new release as we update the cooker (in SD) and the substance engine (in Unity).
There is however full backward compatibility, so substances cooked with any version of Substance Designer will work on any version of Unity.

So you don't have to worry about version number, the only thing to remember is that the more recent your Unity and SD builds, the better the performances.

Also, you may want to re-publish (cook) your sbsar when a new version of SD is released to get the speed boost of the new cooker.