Author Topic: Indie pack price increase on Steam?  (Read 1058 times)

I have been evaluating the indie pack with a view to purchasing it on steam before the offer expires on the 6th April.

Until recently the price on steam and on has worked out to be approx £110 but the steam price has suddenly jumped up to £150.

I would have purchased already if SD wasnt so unstable on my mac.  I had to spend an extra few days checking that it works better under bootcamp/windows.  If I am going to have to split my workflow across two operating systems I will definitely need the "floating license-ness" of the steam purchase.

Is the price change in error or have I missed out?

The price change on Steam is not a mistake. The price will remain the same on our website for a week though, so you may want to grab it from our website instead of Steam.