Author Topic: Are these times normal?  (Read 983 times)

I'm trying some simple material blend node, and look at the time it takes to calculate....
This was one of the lower numbers, I've had waits of around 9 minutes...
The materials going into the blend are mainly very simple materials, with one node in each output channel. Only the noise one is a bit more complex but nothing fancy.
What is going on here?

They are unusually large, but I guess it depends on your hardware. In particular, since you are rendering 4k maps, it could be caused by a shortage of memory on your graphics card, forcing textures to be dumped and loaded back and forth from temporary storage in RAM and eventually on HDD.
  • What's your graphics' card model (and how much VRAM does it have) ?
  • How much RAM do you have ?
  • Where you running other applications in the background ?
  • Could you see a lot of disk activity going on while the textures were rendering ?
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