Author Topic: Can substance designer render SVG at runtime on mobile?  (Read 1788 times)

I posted this question on Unity Answers, but received no response, so I'm posting here:

I'm looking for a solution to do the following:

Create an image in SVG
Import the SVG file into Unity
On all platforms, at runtime generate a mesh from the SVG file
The goal is to dynamically resize the SVG based on the target device display information and avoid having multiple bitmaps in the build.

If this is possible with substance designer, can I do it with Unity free or would I need Pro?

An added bonus would be to be able to save the generated texture, so it can be loaded next time the app is run. But the thread below seems to indicate it's not possible (yet):

The original thread is here:


Unfortunately, the Substance engine cannot process SVG data at runtime. When you use Substance Designer to embed SVG data into a Substance file, you're actually embedding pre-processed SVG data that can be consumed by the Substance Engine.

Furthermore, since that preprocessing phase is not integrated in the Substance Engine itself, there is currently no way the Substance Engine can read dynamic SVG data at runtime.

On the other hand, if the SVG content is not dynamic, you can use it in a Substance graph and render it at various resolutions if you need to.