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in unity 4.1 fearures there is a line that say:
"Substance: Procedural textures are now supported at runtime on iOS and Android (ARM v7a only with NEON extension only)."

what does "NEON extension only" mean?
explain please,
A compiled list of supported devices would come in handy - anybody know where t find it ?
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It will work on all devices but the recommended min specs for relevant performances are iPhone4 / Galaxy SII / Droid Bionic.

Thank you.

I purchased the old version 1.6 of Bitmap 2 Material back when it was on sale in the Unity Asset Store.  Does anybody know if this version will work in mobile as well? or is it something specific to the 2.1 version?  Unity release notes for 4.1 only mention the Substance material now work at mobile runtime.

Thanks in advance!

Bitmap2Material 1.x was not designed with mobile in mind and although it will work, it will be very slow on any mobile device.
The B2M included in 2.1 is 10 times faster on mobile with the same quality.