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Hi I am creating new brick patterns (monk connection 1 and 2) as input to the existing once in the substance database.

Doing this i use the FXMap with square patterne and have run in to the problem that when i set a fixed interstics x then the distance between the tiles is uneven. The bigger the interstics the more apparent it the issue. See the attachments for an image and the sbs.

How can I get at fixed spacing between the squares ?


The interstice parameter in the tile generator actually acts as a multiplier to the pattern size, it's not possible to get a fixed size because of the way it's built.

I've been working on another tile generator that allow you to do this, it's still wip though so apologies if some features don't work as expected.
Take a look at the "test_graph".
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Thanks for the example Nicolas - it has been usefull.

I finally reach the goal of making the pattern "Monk connected bricks type 2" that is quit common in nordic castles/fortress from the 1500 century.

The pattern 2 stretcher consist of:
1) rows of strecther+strechter+header etc.
2) a 4 row sequence where the pattern is shifted a number of quaterstones as follows:
  row 1:   0
  row 2:   5 quater
  row 3: - 3 quater
  row 4:   5 quater

Must say the learningcurve has been steep:) but I guess that I will now be able to make any brick pattern using the iterator node.

The uploaded result is fairly well documented using comments and frames - enjoy