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I just bought Designer, Painter and Bitmap2Material Commercial version. Maybe I'll unlock some mysteries while I learn but my two pressing questions are:
How do I know I have the commercial version of B2M? I see in my SteamApps folder I have Bitmap2Material_2.sbar file, does this only come with the commercial version, which means I'm good to go?
Where do I find the 30 free substances that came with the bundle? I just want to confirm I have them.
And bonus question, there are three B2M sbar's, regular, _NoGrunge and _RealTimeMobile. Are those explained in some documentation?
And finally, I load these into 3DS Max, what am I supposed to see? I see a map slot with a lot of settings, but should I have B2M open in the background or something? I know, very basic questions, but feeling a little lost here.
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If you have the sbsar file, then yes it's the Pro/commercial version of B2M.
The 30 substances are a DLC of Substance Designer as far as I know. Right click on SD in your library, and chose to retrieve DLC.

Regarding the other questions, you can find the B2M documentation at :)

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