Author Topic: [SOLVED] How to store/save a material into Library?  (Read 1783 times)

... like the title says. Call me noob - but the only objects, SD4.1.1 let me add to the lib are filters/fx - but no option for "material", when right-click into lib window...

I want to build up a small material-collection, pretty much like in the "HotRod" video:
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That small material library is built just by creating a new filer in the library and setting the right filter on the url of those. For example all these materials were put in a BaseMaterials folder, so if I put "BaseMaterials" as a filter in the url field, it will only show those.

Sorry, do not understand how to do this. For Exempel, I try to Drag a material into this lib Window, but it does not work.

Please explain, how you did you "Set the right filter to the URL"?
How do I get BaseMaterials inside this?

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Wes explains how to work with the Library in this video tute.  Should make it easier to follow.

Thank, will have a look at it.
I saw this series before, but not every part from start to finish.
Will do that today!

This video explains the process very clear. Did not know, this lib was just filtering a collection of paths - thought, it was really "inside" of the SD application.

So ok, this may be a reason, why there is not drag´n´drop function... but
I think it could be implemented somehow  8)