Author Topic: Substance designer previews and Offline renderer (MR-Vray-Arnold)  (Read 3495 times)


I've been looking a bit into Substance Designer lately.
Most of my work is related to prerendered workflow, on MentalRay, Vray or Arnold mostly.
Most of those renderer use a couple of main inputs (diffuse, reflection/specular, glossiness/roughnes, bump/normal, and fresnel/ior )

I understand that technically SD can output those maps without any trouble as long as I take care of making the proper adjustments in my substance.

But is there a way to actually preview a decently accurate output in the SD 3D viewer ?
Right now, the 2 main shaders Blinn or PBR don't allow me to preview anything remotely accurate.

Reading the forums and the documentation I understand there may be a way to build shading networks using GLSLFX shaders, but that seems overly technical for me.
Does anyone have a solution for a similar workflow ?

I don't have a solution. But I'd love to see more shaders as well. I'm using Modo and Maxwell and with the current shaders available in SD it's more like guessing what the substance will look like in Modo.

+1. The SD preview is not great for Mental Ray as it stands. I'd love a solution. I have found it useful to be able to publish a bunch of settings and do the tweaking in Maya/Max.

Sorta interested to try SD in conjunction with Octane Render, which I have for Maya. Buuuuuut Octane is a little unstable and a pain to set up. Haven't had time yet to dive in to it. Seems to me GPU rendering hasn't fully arrived for off-line projects, but I'm only starting to get introduced to this stuff.