Author Topic: [SOLVED] Publishing failed  (Read 2865 times)

Working on a substance in SD 4.1.1: I was able to publish it before. But suddenly it stopped working. I'll attach the error message and my substance.

Please help.
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try setting the input images to "jpg" instead of "raw"

this is what made the error go away in my case

Thanks, that helped. Can someone explain what this setting is all about? My image is neither RAW nor JPEG (it's a PNG). So what can be done with this setting (except for avoiding the publishing error)?


I think, it´s just the compression method

The jpeg/raw parameter will define how the images are compressed inside the sbsar file (we do not store them in their original format).

We have some memory issues regarding large images management, that's why setting the compression to jpeg solves this problem.
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