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Hi All,

I am trying to create a node that will take the rgb the user selects and automatically return the complementary color.  I have been at this a while, I have had some success with returning analogous colors but getting the complementary color seems much more difficult.

Any help would be appreciated.


Could this be as simple as having the color be fed to an HSL node with Hue set to 0.75? Or is it a different sort of color space?

Traditional painting's RYB color space, for example, would require some pretty fancy pixel proccessing footwork, but it's doable, if that's what you're after.

Otherwise, I once put together a perceptive color function, which is like HSL, but the brightness of the new color looks as bright as the original, to the human eye (For example, turning yellow into blue results into a much brighter blue)

If either of these are what you're after, I could probably walk you through the necessary setup.

Hey guys,

I created a complementary node for you. It is pending on Substance Share right now but you can use this one (attached to this post).

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