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I have two HD monitors, and a Titan Black.  Substance Designer has no problem with a custom interface setup - panels dock on both monitors and when reopened, the interface is as I left it.

But Substance Painter doesn't work like this.  If I drag panels to the number two monitor, they won't dock.  So although TextureSet, Display and Viewer Settings dock on the number one monitor, on the number two, they remain as separate panels.

If I have the shelf on two, and dragged to cover the monitor (but not maximised), when I reopen Painter, the shelf is closed.  However, if I select the Shelf from the View-Views menu, it is still on number two in it's last used position and size.

If I have any of the other panels on two, quit then reopen, only one of the panels opens (in it's last position), but the rest are closed.  So each session I effectively have to set up Painter all over again.

As I say, this is something Designer handles well, but Painter seems flaky with saving the interface.

This is Painter 2.1.0 on Windows 10 Pro.
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Please attach your log file :

Can you also ensure that both of your monitors are connected to your Titan GPU ?
That may sound silly, but a lot of people in the past made the mistake and it can affect the behavior of Substance Painter.
Don't forget your log file. It can be exported from the Help menu of the software.
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Attached is the log file, and yes, both monitors are plugged into the Titan.

Did you find any solution?
I have the same problem as well.
2x dell 2412m and msi geforce 960

Palettes don't stack/dock on second screen

For me, Substance Painter behaves exactly like the thread starter described. I took this as a bit annoying but didn't think of reporting it because I can live with this. But seeing Froyok asking for people to attach their log files makes me aware this is not a 'known and intended behaviour'.

However, my hardware is different, I don't think it is an individual problem of the thread starter.
I'm on a i7-4770 (12 GB RAM) with a GeForce GTX 760, Windows 8.1

Another thing: I think I recall, that my viewport settings like i.e. opacity of the background, blur of the background etc. used to remain at 'last configuration' when I restarted Substance Painter. But now (I think also in the previous version already) it is always reset to opacity zero and blur 100%. I couldn't find anywhere in the preference settings how to select 'keep previous settings for restart'. Is this a similar bug like the other described above, or is this meant to be like this?

The viewer settings, such as blur of the background, etc. is set in the template now, so if you use the default template when creating a file, it will be reset.
You'll have to create your own template to change these default values.

Thank you, Jeremie, I'll figure this out :)

It's been some months, but this problem has gone away for me and the interface is stable and consistent between sessions.  Once only has the second screen panel started up on the first screen - which I'm OK with; once in several months could be anything.