Author Topic: Drawing lines or shapes within Painter?  (Read 8339 times)

I wonder if it will be possible to draw straight lines or splines/simple shapes on a layer?

For example adding "geometric content" like bolts/screws from a brush or just carving in or bump up some areas, like seperating areas with a straight line.

I know, that "freehand drawing" is possible - but will "draw an exact, straight line", too?

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Seems like you will be able to find out for yourself in just 1 short day!

Yeah  ;D

And if SP is capable of doing so... I´d buy 10, hehehehe ;)

Man, I am really exited about tomorrow!!!

Not yet, but it is planned.

Cool, creating/emboss/bevel normals from a path or a shape will be essential to my workflow - and so is selecting a target coord-system (unity-tangentspace, object, world, etc.)  ;)
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I know of several aircraft modelers, myself included, who are interested in lines to create bump maps for aircraft panel lines. Looking forward to seeing this develop. :)