Author Topic: Substance Painter to Unreal Engine  (Read 4659 times)

I would like to know the simplest way to import a textured asset into Unreal Engine. Drag and drop would be ideal but I do not see anything like that anywhere.

Hey carboncomputer,

export the Textures from Substance Painter by right-clicking the 3D space and then click on 'Export' (or similar).
You then can import the texture and meshes and set up a Material in Unreal.
When the Material is set up, assign that to your mesh.

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I have used the default settings for exporting for Unreal Engine 4. But, the base color texture is completely blank. I don't understand why. I used a sphere mesh and the standard aluminum smart material as an example. Included screenshots.

Here is what I found after playing with the settings. When set to png, the base color does not seem to export. Any of the other formats such as bmp and tga will export the base color properly. :)