Author Topic: Substance Plugin Released  (Read 4553 times)

Hello All,

The Substance Plugin has been updated and released on GitHub. The Marketplace plugin should be updated soon, so keep your eyes open!
Github Link:
If you have 404 errors using Github:

This is a maintenance release meant to be compatible with 4.12
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Hello Josh and Substance Team!

I wish to thanks for the new shiny updated release! I'm building right now and we are happy to fully enjoy the 4.12 new (amazing) features in substance release (amazing too)! 8)

Hi Jonas, you're welcome!

We are also live on the marketplace for 4.12!

The plugin in Marketplace isn't live on our side.
Please see the Screenshot above and note our engine version (4.12.3) and the plugin listed only for 4.10

Hi NNois,

When is the last time you updated the Marketplace Launcher? I see both 4.11 and 4.12 on my launcher for download.

Hi @Josh,
No I was on the last Marketplace Launcher, i don't know why it wasn't working.

But your post tells me that it should work so i tried a reinstall + config deletion and now it works.
Thank you for your support

I'm glad it's working for you now!