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I want to use cells 4 to create a fused glass texture, however, I need to stretch the node non-uniformly to get an oblong shape.  Is there a way to do this without showing a pattern repeat?  Should I be using something other than Transformation 2D?  Thanks.

All you need to do it to setup the Transformation2D's  tiling mode to absolute and then choose no tiling.

Thanks for the reply.  Sorry, I wasn't clear enough.  I want to create a square texture, however, I'd like the pattern to remain procedural to the left and right of the X axis stretch - so that there is no pattern repeat within the square - yet, with the pattern stretched towards the Y axis.

Do you want to keep tile-ability on both axis? If no then you can maybe increase the distance on cells and then stretch it vertically.

If yes, then maybe you can blend couple of cell nodes? That might be tricky...

Yes, I was hoping to tile in both directions.  I have tried three successive 2D Transforms with no luck.  I am surprised that none of the base nodes have an oblong shape I can use without resorting to creating my own FX Map. Unfortunately, I don't have time to learn that right now.  I had some success with the tile generator using a capsule shape set to max blending. Attached is the shape I am trying to create.  I will most likely paint the map in Painter, but it would be nice if I could get a similar pattern.  Thanks again for your input.

It's true that the best way to do this would be to use custom FXMaps and some slope blurs, but I can understand why you would be reluctant to tackle that just now.
One option that I was reminded of is the first little trick on this page here:

It's not exactly like what you describe, but maybe with some tweaking it could get close.

Cory - thanks for the link.  These tips are helpful.  I didn't know the luminance variation was so important when using the distance node.  I'll keep trying.

Can't you just upscale it vertically, instead of downscaling horizontally? And adjust distance in Cells 4 accordingly?

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I could, but it does not tile seamlessly in this direction either.

Oh, I see the problem now. How about the Make It Tile Photo node (not to be confused with Make It Tile Patch)?

Yes, you would think that it would continue to tile no matter the scaling direction.  I have had no luck with Make It Tile.  I ended up painting it by hand in Photoshop and it turned out fairly well.  I have to say I don't see many responses from the Allegorthmic team on this forum.  I was hoping the support would be better - guess they're busy.

Here it is using a distance node and the pixel size parameter.
sbs attached

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I was about to send something like this but more based on the reference than on the cells noise. Nico was too quick ;) Here is another example, just in case. Cheers
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another easy way would be to compress on the other axis