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Hi there,

I created two scene one for MILA and one for mia_material.
Each have a node tree which convert Albedo/Metallic/Roughness textures to Diffuse/Secular/Glossiness (with MILA of course Roughness) inputs.

This is useful mainly for new (updated) Substance plug-in generated textures and other A/M/R texture inputs.

Four scene file (Maya 2016 .mb and .ma formats)
HDR image for the IBL
sifi.sbsar file in the assets folder (downloaded from the Substance Share site)
Textures created by the Substance plug-in

Make sure you always set the non color input textures types (normal, bump, roughness, IOR, etc.) to RAW (instead of sRGB) and use the color management system of course.

"Empty" files which you can import into your scene and make the input texture connections:

Cheers, D
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Thanks so much Denes for creating this. This is a huge help and benefit to the community.


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Amazing, thanks for creating this! I can't wait to give it a go, cheers!