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So happy to have the Linux version. Super fast and easy to work with!

I have a few small observations/suggestions. Nothing that stops you working but since I'm sure Linux will be the platform chosen by some larger VFX studios, these might help smooth things a little.

  • How will floating licenses be handled? Most VFX studios cannot access the internet due to Marvel/MPAA security audit requirements
  • Even for smaller studios who are not encumbered by those restrictions, it would be nice to be able to specify the directory that contains the license file(s)
  • The actual executable contains spaces. I know, I know, that can be handled but it's non-standard on Linux  :)
  • Most larger studios will have multiple versions installed and available concurrently. It's great that the Substance_Painter_2 subdir is fully (except the license) self-contained, that makes it super easy to deal with. Please don't change that :)
Like I said though, small stuff, the speed and stability on Linux are fantastic.


peter B


1) Floating licenses work in the same way for Win/Mac/Linux: it works either through Internet, or through the subnetwork. We are currently running some tests with some big VFX companies and so far the floating system works fine.

2) Agreed. We will see what we can do.

3) Bummer... that shouldn't be the case

Head of Product Management