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I'm a student doing a paper on performance differences (load time, FPS, and File size) in procedural materials and standard bitmap materials for games. Basically what I'm doing is bitmaps VS. Substance Designer.

I wonder what the different plugin settings for the ue4 substance plugin do and what may differ them in a build?

I think the "Cooking" settings will be the most relevant for file size and load times, but it has several options. I would also like to know about the "Hardware budget" and how it may affect performance.

The different settings are;
SGM Platform Default
SGM Baked
SGM on Load Sync
SGM on Load Sync and Cache
SGM on Load Async
SGM on Load Async and Cache

Thank you!  :D
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Hi ludwig.lindstaal,

Platform Default right now maps to Async and Cache.

Baked means we save the substance texture data to disk, rather than invoke the substance engine when the project runs.

On Load means we load the substance materials when the level loads. Sync means it will freeze UE4 while it does it, ASync will load them in the background.

Cache will store the substance texture data the first time the level loads, so the next time the player loads your game, it will load from disk, which can be faster.

Hi Josh!

Thank you so much for your answer  :D