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I am attempting to build a fused glass texture.  The overall pattern of the individual colors resembles the plasma node.  The overall colors are blue, however, a yellow piece shows up randomly - see attached.  As the plasma node is a non-pattern, there is no option to create a random mask or vary the luminance.  Is there a component that will assign a gray scale value to these white areas, so that I can create a mask and therefore use a gradient map to assign colors to these areas?  I would greatly appreciate any guidance as I have been stumped all weekend on how to do this.  Thanks, Kevin

PS - If this is not possible, is there a  pattern that can give me this shape that has a random mask feature?  I have been looking through materials on the Substance Share site and so far, I have found nothing similar to what I want to do.

I could really use some help with this one.  Can I get such a shape using the tile generator with a warp deformer?  I have tried several noises and so far, no luck.  If someone would just point me in the right direction.  Thanks.

I'm not sure how your graph is made so far, but I think what I would do is take a blurry noise like Perlin Noise Zoom, and send it through a customized gradient node. I'd set it up so that everything 50% grey would be black, everything less than grey would be red, and everything greater than grey would be blue. Adjusting these values, and the middle values between these, might give you something similar to what you want, although not very easily controlled.

Cory - thank you very much for the suggestion.  I went with a creased node and was able to get fairly close to my reference - gradient mapping is quite powerful.  I'm still on a trial version, but I must admit I love this software.  I will definitely be purchasing.  Thanks again for the help!  Kevin

FYI - the images in the original post were to illustrate the concept only.  I used plasma and filled in the white areas in Photoshop.  They were not meant to represent the pattern.
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