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Hi all,

SP rookie so got some questions!  ;D

I've been working with the new mask editor and it rocks - but the effects it generates all seem to be dependent on the curvature setting - which means edge or cavity (or both) - that's cool. But how would I approach also adding some chipped or faded paint to the flat surface, non-edge, areas? That's confusing to me as additional fill or masks just cover up the previous layers.


hey use the gradient node to convert the curvature from black grey white to black white black and use the result as a mask.

Substance Painter has nodes?? I don't understand your reply.

Perhaps someone with more time to elaborate could chime in and help a rookie with this? :) Everyone seems so helpful in other posts...

oups my bad (didn't see we were in SP :-))
mmm in SP you would need a filter that only affect the plane part... I don't think there is one by default so I made you a filter :-)

Okay, thank you for that. I have no idea how to use it but I will see what I can figure out. Seems odd, tho, is it really just all about edges or cavities with SP to where you have to have a custom made filter? Edges are fine - big wear area for sure - but objects can have multiple surface issues. I'm just trying to have some edge wear  and chipped paint on the flat areas.

did you play with the "grunge" option on edge-wear generator? this should extent the wear more to the flat surfaces...

Another way would be, just to paint wear to the flat surfaces by hand or use some other generators and then paint on the generatorĀ“s mask by hand, to hide/unhide the fx.

then there is "surface brush" and "imperfections" which could help.

Maybe you can try the "Mask builder", which has pretty much every option avail for doing wear&tear.