Author Topic: Ho do you get to work with renderman?  (Read 1933 times)

Ho do you get to work with renderman?

were is the "plugin options" ?

"“The Substance shader communicates directly with the Principled Shader, and the Mantra Surface shader is available on an experimental basis. In the same way, it is possible to describe the interfacing with any other shader via a description file. You can set the shader choice in the plugin options.”

You can have a look on that topic:

Josh has a plan to make the plugin customizable for other renderer. I've never tried tho ...
The other option would be to have a substance COP node and assign substance textures wherever you want, including a renderman shader :)
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Hi vincent_van_gogh,

In DOcuments/Houdini15.5/dso/Substance there are a few config files. This is where it selects the Principled.cfg for the Principled shader, and you can manipulate that or create your own. It's not super friendly right now, but the idea would be that you'd want to render your shader to an ifd file, so you can view the "shader command" , and then you can build a cfg file that will create a similar command with the substance information.