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More modeling practice in Max. Saw a photo of an old Bush brand transistor radio from the 60s and wanted to give it a go. There were some challenges. I wanted to model the speaker vents from the body but it was just too difficult for me at this point. Getting the edges where the body rolls around was the challenge there. So I opted to  Boolean them - don't normally like the mess Boolean makes but this worked out pretty well, with a minimum of clean up. And the edges were bang on, so use what works best I guess! :) Used a lot of crease sets and open subdiv instead of control loops, too. Another challenge but the difference in weight it remarkable. This is definitely a high poly model - coming in at around 40K.

After Max I took it into Substance Painter and gave it a paint up. Came out pretty well. I had a hard time getting any reflections to show in Iray (final render was done in SP/Iray) for some reason. Haven't quite figured that out yet. I ended up using projection to add some reflections on a layer set to screen and adjusted the opacity - IOW I faked it! Ha!  I used the <a href="">Metal/Rough/Glass shader</a> from Share by nathanieljla (thanks!) and the <a href="">dirty glass material by Allegorithmic</a>. You can find some really good shaders and materials there!

Some model  shots...
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That's really cool.
It looks like I could reach out and touch it.
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Hey, thank you! :) :)