Author Topic: A way to separate button zoom from scrollwheel zoom?  (Read 1046 times)


I am used to zoom into a 3d scene or a 2d graph by pushing the camera away from the focus point. This means moving the mouse cursor upwards during the click pushes me out. Moving the cursor downwards during the click pulls me in.
However I am also used to zoom into a scene when scrolling the wheel away from me. To zoom out I usually scroll the wheel towards me.
While this sounds somewhat counterintuitive it is the way my finger muscles were trained by countless applications.
In Substance Designer however the scroll wheel works exactly as the button push/pull. Inverting the default zoom methods inverts both buttons and wheel.
Can you provide a flag to separate the inversion from button and wheel zooms?
Or is there a way I could do that myself? Ini file, registry entry or whatever?

Thx :)