Author Topic: Looking for a Model (mesh) for texturing/shading test  (Read 10230 times)

Hi everyone,
I'm looking for objects commonly used for textures/shading/lighting tests.
Like a Sphere in an partly open other sphere, on a pedestal.
Something like this:
But i can't find any on the web (not looking for free model especially, just something useful, i'll pay for it.
I'm using Blender to re-export to .fbx if it's in another format originally.
Any Idea?
Any help appreciated

I'm honestly surprised something like this isn't easily found on the internet.

As a rather involved way of getting one of these if you truly can't find one, is to download Unreal Engine 4 (which is free now), and you can export out static meshes from the engine as FBX files. UE4 comes with the following material sphere, that has two material groups:

EDIT: I went ahead and exported out a FBX myself to save you the trouble, if you are still intersted. Send me a private message with your email address and I'll send it to you.
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if you search Google for "shaderball model" you can find lots of these.

Thanks for that zurhoch. This one is definitely pretty nice as well:
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Would be nice if something like this was integrated into the Substance Designer viewport, next to the default included geometry. Maybe one with a Substance logo slapped on it?  8)
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