Author Topic: Baking with a skewmesh cage  (Read 1196 times)

Did anyone got this working in SP?

At this thread I found some instructions how to get it to work (In SD I guess?) but it is not very clear.
1. Bake model information on the game ready low poly model (not tessellated).
2. Add world space direction map
3. Input Direction: From texture, Normal Orientation: DirectX, Direction File: The object/world space NM baked out in the step before.
4. Done!

If you managed to get this to work, please share the exact steps required. Thanks!

you can do it with SP, but you need xNormal for the conversion part from world space bake from the tessellated mesh to tangent space for the low poly mesh since SP lacks the ability to do that part of the process.  if you have SD, you can do the whole process in SD.  Chris also made a quick video tutorial on this. In the video he used xNormal to do the conversion but he then found out it's possible to do inside SD so you don't need to jump between apps.
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Thanks, I have seen that video and I do have SD. I am especially interested in how to do this in SD without the need for xNormal. But the instructions are a bit vague. Can you perhaps provide some more details, or even better, a full graph?

sure, here you go.

Wow, thanks!