Author Topic: Weird errors in 3d viewport  (Read 2741 times)

My 3D view in SD has gone completely out of wack.  I've tried changing rendering engine and shader to no effect.  I am on a MacBook pro 2012 I believe. 

The only output connected is an orange solid color node to the diffuse output.

I believe it may be a problem with my mesh.  It was exported from modo as an FBX.  I tried exporting an obj and I am getting some really weird results. I've attached both meshes to  this post if anyone can take a look.

Well I figured it out, turns out that modo exports everything on export and not just the selected item.  I fixed the issue by simply creating a new scene with only the object that I wanted.  Sorry for the confusion!

Modonauts unite!

Edit: Btw, do you know Seneca Menard's scripts?
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Yea I've seen some of his scripts.  I've also written an exporter that exports each mesh to obj.  Thanks!