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Hey guys... decided to take today to make this an UBER thread for all of my substance related work. This will also follow my game design work on my personal project which employs heavy use of Substance Designer/Painter for a artist friendly workflow. In the first post of this thread, I want to share a few renders of my level that I call The Sanctuary, which is the training level for my fighting game. The challenge for this was to create the necessary textures entirely (well, almost entirely) using Substance Designer for the major landmarks such as walls and natural materials, and if needed, taking the model with the substance, and adding additional details in Painter, where i have more control of detail placement.

The workflow --

Modeling in Modo
Substance Creation in Designer with the aid of Atlasmaker... this is a blessing
Rendering in Unity.

I must say, I love this workflow and it makes creating material libraries extremely painless. Anyway, screenshots :)

Starts to look good! The wood on the columns might be scaled a bit too large though. If you scale it down a bit, or increase the number of bands/wood rings it might fit the scale of the scene more.

I will have to look at that again... though I did check the texel range of the wood beam, which is 6x6x8... I think I have seamless turned on in the atlasmaker and that is making the wood look big... I will check the texture.

EDIT: After checking my graph, the material scale is at 1. I think setting the wood material to seamless might help this issue
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