Author Topic: Support for 3DConnexion devices (Space Mouse, Space Pilot, ...)  (Read 30802 times)

Ok, just wanted to bump this:
+1 +1 +1

Now that Adobe is in charge, it should be a slam dunk to get this in :D

Actually I was very surprised it wasn't already in? :o

+100 for 3d mouse support

Keepin the thread alive. Please implement.

+1 I would love to see this implemented!!!

I bought today a Spacemouse for / because of Zbrush.
The Spacemouse support would have a positive effect on the working speed of the Painter, especially since now probably more people own a spacemnouse since Zbrush 2021.5 ^^

If someone were inclined to try to learn how to code a plugin for this themselves, where would they begin knowing next to nothing about programming/coding? I wouldn't mind at least looking at what's necessary during my freetime as a side project / learning opportunity.

man, it's like what... 5 years now - and still no support?

on it's not even considered ??? I mean, come on - get real!

3Dspace mouse and the compact version of it (which I own) got supported by most other DCC apps in the past years.
Even the dino ZBrush has it!

Can't be too hard to implement and there are plenty of users still requsting it, waiting years for it to happen.



seems like a fools errand at this point, but im a recent owner of a 3d mouse (thanks zbrush) and think it would benefit substance as well.

lets go!

Please add support for 3DConnexion devices.
We have been asking for it for more than 5 years. Please respect your customers' requests.
What would you lose if you implement this support?