Author Topic: Support for 3DConnexion devices (Space Mouse, Space Pilot, ...)  (Read 26918 times)

+1 for this, voted on the other site as well... Painter is a perfect software for 3d mouse, the support would make it so much more pleasant to use  :-\

and a +1 more

+1! ... I'd like to use 3Dconnexion SpaceMouse in SP. Very usefull mouse.

Another vote from me. I reached for the 3D mouse about 2 minutes after starting Substance Painter the first time.

Adding support isn't too difficult

Add me to the list of people who'd love to be able to use their Spacemouse in Substance Painter!

I can't believe there is still no support for 3D mouse.  This is really an important feature for me. +1


+1 to support this, But...

I tried to look into the API of Painter, but had no luck trying to get camera control's,


Made a way to convert Space Mouse axis inputs into mouse inputs for Substance painter

Work's by treating Space Mouse as a joystick and then it is sending those as windows Mouse_Events and Key_Events

Absolutely add me into that wishing for support.  I use my SpaceMouse for almost everything else I do in 3D (zBrush being the other exception) . Would love to see it here too.

Here I'm too please guys support that, this mouse look like my left hand.. +1k vote


This is really a requirement for 3D software!

If there is no support for spacemouse pro, i will change to another program.

...oh, the original post is from march 2014 (!!!) and there is still no support for 3D hardware!


we REALLY need this support, i know its not really hard to implement so please!



Can't believe it has been 5 years since this thread started, and 3d mouse support still hasn't come.

+1 ... waiting for a loooong time without any news about this integration...