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Nice work on the Houdini plugin!

I've found some bugs/issues:
1. When applying a substance material there's a slight lag/performance hit on the viewport. With just a simple cube without a material my viewport timing is ~1.5 ms. Adding a Substance material with resolution 512x512 the timing goes up to ~7 ms which is very noticable. If I add a regular material with a base color texture and normal texture both at 1024x1024 pixels there's no performance hit (it stays around 1.5 ms).

2. Changing the Substance values/sliders doesn't update the viewport, I have to tumble the viewport or press Alt while hovering over it.

3. As others have reported I also get the following error when applying a Substance material directly on an object and rendering in the Render View or Render Region:
[12:20:48] mantra: Could not find VEX code.
[12:20:48] mantra: Failed to resolve VEX code opdef:/Shop/
Rendering to MPlay works though.

I'm using Houdini FX 15.5.480.
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Hi Techie,

Thanks for the feedback, it's much appreciated!

1) The timing raise is likely because the substance node uses a GLSL shader.
2) This is a known regression we will be fixing soon
3) Also a known regression to be fixed soon